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Corporate Overview

DELTEQ Pte Ltd (“DELTEQ”) started as the IT arm of the Wuthelam Group in 1992.

DELTEQ is one of the first local Systems Integrators established in Singapore. We focused on our customers’ success in the creation, management, and distribution of knowledge within their enterprise value chain.

By using Information Technology a competitive business advantage can be gained. Since the Company has strategic alliances with world class hardware and software providers to design, integrate, and implement comprehensive state-of-the art solutions, technologies, and IT services, value is added to our clients.


Post Covid era the company plans a new vertical and a new direction as an additional strategy. It plans to venture into mergers and acquisitions, gets new investor, looks at Green Block Chain projects/ Tokens, Block VCC Funds, Sustainability Projects and Waste to Energy and water treatment areas in 2022, looking for acquisitions in ASAN and India.
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Roadmap for the Future

Roadmap for the Future

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